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How I Work

I offer boutique financial planning and investment management services that are best suited to clients seeking more than just a traditional financial plan.

Traditional plans are now almost ubiquitous and frequently free online.  Rather, I see the traditional, software-driven financial plan as only the very first step.

It is the implementation of that Plan that separates my services.

Client assets are held at Fidelity Institutional Investments. I never take physical control of client assets. You simply empower me to direct the custodian to buy or sell securities we select.

I direct the investment of your assets in individual securities chosen for their particular investment characteristics, in accordance with your unique risk parameters within a separately managed account (SMA). No model portfolios are ever used. Nor will I use leverage or margin.  Investments are managed according to the fiduciary standard at the core of the RIA registration, according to your particular parameters, without the constraints and agenda of a large financial institution.

I charge only a per diem fee (billed quarterly, in advance) for my services and you have full access to your funds at all times.  Portfolio assets are carefully monitored and regularly rebalanced.

I take pride in client communication and education. Not only do my clients have a clear vision of what they own, they have an opportunity to understand the reason for the selection of a particular security.

My clients may not have the time or the expertise to do the research themselves, but they appreciate the control implicit in understanding what they own and having direct access to the actual portfolio manager.

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Most market corrections are quick, scary and temporary.

Making sure you understand your investment plan will help you withstand the fear that naturally occurs during those corrections.

An investment plan is only as good as the investment behavior of the client for whom the plan was first made.

 I’ve learned that unless a client has an intellectual connection with the specific components of the investment portfolio which primarily implements that Plan, they are likely to do exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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