Services Tailored to You

How I Work

I offer boutique financial planning and investment management services that are best suited to clients seeking more than just the “traditional.”

Non-traditional financial planning. Traditional plans are now almost ubiquitous and frequently free online.  Rather, I see the traditional, software-driven financial plan as only the very first step. It is the implementation of the plan that separates my services.

Client assets are held at Fidelity. I never take physical control of client assets. You simply empower me to direct the custodian to buy or sell securities we select.

I direct the investment of your assets into individual securities chosen for their particular investment characteristics, in accordance with your unique risk parameters within a separately managed account (SMA).

No model portfolios are ever used, nor will I use leverage or margin. 

Investments are managed according to the fiduciary standard at the core of the RIA registration, according to your particular parameters, without the constraints and agenda of a large financial institution.

I charge an annual fee of 1.25% (billed quarterly, in advance) for my services and you have full access to your funds at all times.  Portfolio assets are carefully monitored and regularly rebalanced.

I take pride in client communication and education. Not only do my clients have a clear vision of what they own, they have an opportunity to understand the reason for the selection of a particular security. My clients appreciate the control implicit in understanding what they own and having direct access to the actual portfolio manager.

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